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Does anyone here also happen to like Digimon

Because I do

Tri just got INTERESTING
  and  like this.
Ugh, I watched the first 4 episodes, and Taichi's antics pissed me off too much to continue. Is it worth it?
I watched the first four and more or less felt the same as you. I watched the next four, and some stuff happens (in 7 and 8 particularly) that definitely drew me in. Worth checking out the next four, at least!
Yeah, I still really gotta watch Tri. Like, I really want to, I loved Adventure and Zero Two (Tamers is still the best though) and the voice cast they got is top notch (Two Gokaiger castmembers as voices for Hikari and Jo? That's amazing!), it's just that I really haven't had the time. Hopefully by ...
I've been watching Adventure Tri and I've been literally yelling when Zudomon and Lilymon digivolved into their ultimates Vikemon and Rosemon, and defeated Imperialdramon in two of its three formes.