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Link: #1868

I'm not sure how this popped up in my YouTube feed, but it has a familiar soundtrack, wouldn't you agree @Chaos Rush ?

(I know you reeeeeeeeeeeally dislike th...
Yay for tagging successfully. ._.
people always find a way to piss off otheres, dont they?
Chaos Rush
lol technically this is your song, the changes I made to it were just to make it sound more 'full' on the GBA (plus the Team Rocket intro). It's a good song but I don't think it really fits for canon-Giovanni, as the theme was meant for DarkViolet-Giovanni. (Cause if you remember in DarkViolet I gav...
I showed several friends of mine once it was added to DV way back when, and they literally all said " sorta sounds more like a Final Fantasy song than a Giovanni song". Given that I composed it with his bullshit sad backstory in mind (which I totally dug for what it's worth), I'd have to agree ...
You have to admit, that custom loop point he added isn't that bad.
hey there, I'm the guy that remixed this one and I honestly had no idea that you didn't like the remixes... it wasn't intentional and I didn't mean anything bad because of it...