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Trainer Pokemon Level Scaling in Emerald

anyone know of a way to make the levels of Pokemon the trainers have scale according to the levels of your own Pokemon?

I had this idea while considering Trainer Hill's mechanics, where the levels of Pokemon that the trainers have there are the same as the highest level of the Pokemon in your party. I thought perhaps it's possible to use this

I'm not an experienced scripter however so I'm not sure if it can be done through a script or it would require ASM


This would need ASM to achieve, there's nothing built into the game which even comes close to achieving this effect.

The good news is that JPAN developed a system which achieves exactly this. The bad news is that it was for FR and I don't believe it's ever been ported to Emerald.

Unfortunately, I don't know precisely where even to find it, so I can't help beyond this. Sorry!

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