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The Multiverse Theory

Greetings, people! Some of you may remember me from the Rift Theory thread I posted earlier, but now I'm going to discuss something that might go along with the Rift Theory: The Multiverse Theory.

You see, the Multiverse Theory is the theory that each choice we make creates another, alternate universe. Need an example? Okay, here's a simple one:

Question:Will you take this Pencil?

No matter what you chose, you just created another universe. For example, if you said 'yes', you created another universe where you said 'no', and there are many choices and consequences that follow. As another example: There is a separate universe where 9/11 never happened.

It goes along with the Rift Theory in that it would explain the dramatic change the Pokemon undergo.

Want to know more or dispute me? Leave a comment below!

>There is a separate universe where 9/11 never happened.
that's no fun

Ness said...

>There is a separate universe where 9/11 never happened.
that's no fun

And neither are you.


GoGoJJTech said...

And neither are you.

b-b-but muh stronk murrica

I occasionally like to travel to these alternate dimensions to find the evil Catmans and kill them so I can become The One.

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