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A rant on MMOs

I don't get it why F2P MMOs always seem to have strange Level curves, after dedicating about 600 hours to star trek online, about 40 hours to Neverwinter and 40 more in Star wars the Old Republic (SWTOR), it gets kind of boring doing the same old repetitive tasks to get rewards, that don't seem to scale the same as the XP bars.

Personally, I believe I'm not a patient person, I like to get in and out of games as quickly as possible (Seriously doesn't explain the 600 hours in star trek online though). Each time I play the games, I find it tedious to find missions that actually help me get to continue to storyline. It gets really annoying when you can't even go back and attempt older missions (Yes I'm looking at you SWTOR and Neverwinter) because When you reach mid game, all the curves just go really strange, and don't give me none of the "It's to get you to play the PvP" crap. Not many MMOs get the PvP to work properly, In the case of star trek online, 90% of PvP content doesn't happen until you reach max level, and even then, no one plays it because they're all longer than an hour. Furthermore, the fact that that MMOs requires you in to advance in level to advance in storyline. Luckily, unlike SWTOR and Neverwinter, Star trek online actually allows you to replay old missions, however, the storyline in the missions are as interesting as Moffat's sex life writing career (crap through most of it with some interesting storylines (but MMOs can’t have a decent storyline due to the 6 million protagonists it has to account for, so yeah Points for effort there)).

Of course though, I can’t use three MMO as a way to judge all the other MMOs, but I don’t see how people can sit there and play them endlessly (He says after dedicating a little under 700 hours to MMOs). Once again, back to the PvP, even when you’re top level, and unlocked full PvP there is still obvious segregation of the “top level” in the form of people who spend money in F2P MMOs and people who in general just causally play MMOs in their free time (This is the category I fit under). Please don’t give me any of this “but the company needs money to run the servers and pay the staff and improve the game” I completely understand that, but they could at least give more perks such as separate battle queues so the “Less hardcore” players are just quickly owned by the people who pay for in game content, such as powerful weapons, armour, Ships (In the case of star trek online) and companions.
Anyway back to level curves, they just don’t work, especially, with a complete lack of side quests (Notably in Neverwinter, Star trek Online (Okay there is a lot more of that stuff in the end game) (Yes I know I’m using just 3 MMOs, but I’ve only played these 3 MMOs)). Also because Neverwinter doesn’t allow you to play back on missions it means you’re often left at least 5 -10 levels below the lowest level mob, I understand 1 or 2 levels, you’ll want the player to have some challenge but 10 levels, there is near enough no to grind besides the PvP areas and User created content, Which is more often than not, not eligible for reward because giving authoring tools to MMO players is like giving my school computing staff a maths problem and expecting them to solve it in an hour (Which never works That analogy won’t work ). Okay enough ranting, I’m tired and need to lie down. Take a rest and go and play s’more Star trek online xD.

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The legend is only the begining

I'd like to add that ArcheAge is a similar thing, yet even more boring. I used to go on about how interesting it was, and it was - when you reach post game, it's pretty open to trade missions. Yet that's it. Sure, there's PvP and quests and stuff, but it's all... Similar. All the quests are the same thing, again and again, either kill this, use this item on this, or collect this item conveniently laying here, and talk to this guy for reward. Literally. That's every single quest apart from tutorial quests that teach you how to farm and stuff. And I understand it's meant to be about the endgame which is pretty open, but it requires you to grind trading quests and every other quests just to get the gold or items to do anything that is remotely interesting

Surely there are more interesting things they could do in MMOs? I've heard of concepts that were pretty awesome (and ArcheAges naval combat is fantastic, really fun and actually quite easy to get into), yet I rarely get as impressed when trying them personally.

From my experience with RuneScape, WoW and TERA Online, I think MMOs are rather repetitive for the most part. Except for Oldschool RuneScape, which I still think is an awesome game if you are into lore. Kill this, gather that, kill this guy, go here. It's the same bullshit formula until you cap. Then you do PvP. RuneScape has this too but like...You can do so many other things and there are so many mini-communities in the game that you get to hook up with and play with. If you want to PK, you can at any level, if you want to go bossing you can get into a PvM clan and have tons of fun. The only gripe with RuneScape I have is the lack of quests, because once you finish them you can't redo them and you begin to miss them.

Many will argue that RuneScape's simplistic battle system is bad, I disagree and I think it makes the game extremely unique and fun to play.

But yeah, aside from my nostalgia trip there any other MMO I've played was kind of crappy because it follows the same old formula. Perfect World Online has some pretty good quests and maps though, I wish other MMOs would learn from that.

mmos a shit
mmos were never a good idea

MMOs are a good idea, but MMORPGs aren't.

We really need an MMO racing game, something ridiculous like Micromachines with 100 player races would be awesome.

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Be excellent to each other...<div style="text-align:center;">[img width=343 height=150][/img][img width=266 height=150][/img][img width=362 height=150][/img]</div><div style="text-align:right;">...and party on, dudes!</div>

Catman said...

MMOs are a good idea, but MMORPGs aren't.

We really need an MMO racing game, something ridiculous like Micromachines with 100 player races would be awesome.

now that I think about this
I enjoyed Planetside 2 a bit
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