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ideas to make the game better

first of all , this is the best pokemon rom hack that I ever played. you two should be hired to make pokemon games on the spot. here is a few ideas i thought make the game more fun and full filling

1 hope you guys add mewtwo in the next build up because hes my favorite , and hope he has his own story in some compacity, not just go in the cave in and catch him...

2. no items allowed in rival and gym leader battles. for either side..idk if you can figure out how to stop the ai to stop using items. but it bring a more purity to those epic battles, a little more heart thumpin as well instead of knowing you got a revives x20 in your book bag.

3. story line for collecting the next part of a side story starts when you have 50 pokemon , then again when theres 100, 150 etc. maybe the aides can be used to trigger the story in some way. but there is never a reward to catch all the pokemon.... it be great to be rewarded with content for catching them all

4 this game goes way byond 100. so possibly have enemy pokemon go up to 105 110 levels. idk if thats possible or not. if theres a way, im sure you can figure it out
5. a little cheat, more tradable pokemon. the machop i got in cidawood i think in the department store , i got that to level 80 so quick. maybe a couple more random trade pokemon if people want more bang for their exp gain.

5. because i replayed in 2 3 times. it be cool to add more content in the first 16 badge journey. so when i replay your rom hack, ill be woah , where did that come from hahah.

anyways loved the three dogs to get ho oh move, loves you got them not to runaway. loved the puzzles to unlock the legendary birds, love zane how he progresses to evil throughout the story. the behind the sences monologe at cinnabar. lmao. the level restriction, great move. i got throttled by the random dragon trainer next too claires gym. that was great. you two are geniuses honestly that choose pokemon to show your talent. i hope you guys are 40 and still making upgrades on this game. anyways god bless and ill def give donations if you guys start working on it again this summer!! thanks for making a great rom hack!

one last thing, there's not enough two player battles in the game. i love to play against zane and one of his grunts, or two rocket members. possibly have random tag tournies through out the game. fight against rival and the leader of team Saturn at the same time. anyways, sorry if i offend, but i hope you can enjoy the feed back to your excellent game

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