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Build # 3.3.00451

got 3.1 version, but then i saw the link for the patch 3.3, i patched it coz i was stucked in the elite 4 in 3.1. there's a closed wall in the elite four where i cant proceed. then i saw a comment to patch 3.3, i checked my version was 3.1. then i do it. i tried to load my save in 3.1, and it was a totally mess. i did the elite four that time but after that, it sends me to cerulean. i tried to go back to johto, then it was like, im starting all over again. a big mess happened. then i read that don't load the 3.1 game in 3.3. so i started all over again (i was depressed. lol) then i thought it was good, when suddenly, i came to the third town i think ? where slowpoke well resides. theres a team rocket covering the gym and the cave right ? i must talk to the ball maker first so the cave would be open. but when i enter his house, the graphics crashes. though i can click the start button, the game still moves but im stuck there. can't get out, no one to talk, graphics crashes. pls help, i cant move on.

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