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Game of the Year.

So once again another year has past. Unluckily for you guys I am still alive. And we have had a set of cool, and not so cool games. Games ranging from Pokémon X & Y to GTA V and everything else in between Like tomb raider and the infamous SimCity (Just the launch not the game but the critics hated it because of the launch... Lets not turn this into a rant). So What was your Game of the Year for 2013?

Personally, mine was probably the New Brave new world DLC for Civilization V because imo it opened up the game to many different ways to play So yeah not exactly a Game but it could near enough of been called Civilization VI imo.

The legend is only the begining

Personally, The Wolf Among Us. Really surprised me with it's ending and twists, just for Chapter 1. Really story driven and has no real plotholes that I can think of

My personal favourite game, so far? Gotta be BioShock Infinite. It had its issues, sure, but the storyline was phenomenal and Elizabeth was such a great character that I was genuinely disappointed to have finished it.

My biggest let down has to be GTA V, which is IMO so badly overrated and full of issues that it certainly doesn't deserve to be anywhere near Game of the Year. For example, their decision to stick to a badly outdated movement system harms the game, and it's full of lots of similar issues. Not game destroying, but annoying enough to reduce enjoyment of the game.

Aside from that, we've not had many stand out games this year, it's mostly been a parade of more sequels for AAA games which don't do anything great.

ETA: Can't believe I never mentioned Saints Row IV. I had just ridiculous amounts of fun playing that game! Tongue

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Glory To Arstotzka

Best game of 2013? That would be Monopoly Happy

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For 2013, I'm going to say Animal Crossing New Leaf. c:

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