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dan said...

ehh maybe I went over bored on the last part..... maybe wanting to see cross animai fight each other is kind of stupid..... i just think it be cool having someone familiar in the game to see randomly. I even think mario being in it and being angary that pokemon has taken alot of his thunder would be cool. maybe I just got over excited and over stepped my boundaries. I'm sorry my mastery of typing is melon colly at best. I really enjoyed the game and hope they finish it...with or without my ideas. and I dont really want to be in the game because they prob give me the worse pokemon ever. prob make a parody of me being kenny (south park) and getting killed all the time in numerous ways. anyhow, I'm happy people actually attempted to read it even with the horrible spelling and there's still a interest in the game. just a big fan of the hack, dont hate me because I love too much hahaha

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