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1. have mewtwo show up early , just to mess with you. have him at level 70 80 and uncatchable while your only at beginning trainer like level 20 30 40. so its imposable for him to catch and you have to be sent back to the next poke center. i think it would make catching him that much sweeter. (ideas for first appearence, right at the end of union cave, so you have to go through the cave again to fill your hatred for the pokemon), pretty much a bully troll to mess with you. and hes catchable once you get the mewtwo DNA.

2. I think anoher good idea, is to have your father somewhere in the game, i mean how come all these games never have fathers you know. guys just bang their moms and leave...come on. theres a hevey story line right there.

3. celebrity trainers - I think seto kaiba from yugioh would be great because hes a dragon trainer, and yugi with his three god monsters (uncatchable of course). thats just my cup of tea, idk about the rest of the monster fighting universe.

4. a part in the game where you have to lose to get a special itam -like lucky egg or something like that.

5. trainers with shiny Pokemon, i mean shouldn't the leader of team rocket have a shiny pokemon since they rob everyone.

6. actually fighting with a trainer with 2 on 2 battle instead of your two own Pokemon. like when lance and yourself are fighting. even have legendary help you fight.

I REALLY LOOK FOWARD TO THE ORENGE ISLAND BATTLES love the level stealing, i think another good trick would be force poison area where thier pokemon are immune and your not.

i wish i could think of some cool stuff to do with your moutin games, but you guys totally killed it, where the yellow flute is, zelda forest. you guys are unbelievably creative

lastly i should be put in the game and I want it too be two on two and all my pokemon know hurt both people moves, gengar and an electrode with explossion to start like arcanine with heat wave and extreme speed, Starmie with surf, and i know that last one not happening but hell why not. anyways thanks for reading maybe this might spark you guys to do something for winter break have a good one


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