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Build 3.3.00412

Build 3.3.00412
I play to sandway town in valencia island and I can't go continue even I think I beat all of nexus team in this island can it be continue in this build or in next beta?.
In Gym 1 I found I can walk on the wall in the end of gym map(Behind gym leader).
Some pokemon I never seen in this game such as mantine or the Pokedex don't complete yet? I can't find many pokemon by Pokedex it tell me same area in every pokemon that I search.
Egg event even I have a togepi to Professer Elm but he still say "Did the egg change any?".
when I go to valencia Island although I pass to valencia subway but in The map I still in the Route 100 in kanto. I very impressine this hack since first time I play until now I hope this hack will be the best one. good luck Smile

I studying hack project from everyone awesome project. I very impressive in everyproject in this web

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