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trading Pokemon

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When trying a Cable Club connection, I get communication error when entering the room, but I'm not sure if that's just because I haven't configured the emulator properly or not.
Liquid Crystal seems to lock up some of the time while the communication error is displayed on Fire Red.

Wireless Club? Well...
If you try to 'Join Group', or 'Become Leader' on Liquid Crystal, the game has an freezes with an unhandled exception.
I think sometimes Fire Red detected it, but it would reset itself every time.

If I Fire Red->Leaf Green over the Wireless Club, it works fine.

So I think you can't trade with Liquid Crystal. Maybe a Liquid Crystal game can trade with Liquid Crystal, but you can't trade with your own save file so somebody that has reached Goldenrod and has a second file that has reached Goldenrod as well will be able to test.

My next test will be to see if Pal Park works.
Just tested. It does show as 'Migrate from FIRERED', but the game jumps back to the intro screen if you press A on it, erroring about the save file.

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