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Legends (Beta 3.3) [SPOILERS]

Here are all the legendaries I've gotten.
Moltres - Mt. Mortar Expansion
Zapdos - Power Plant Expansion (Rock Tunnel)
Latios - either cuaght from begining or in the cave east of Sea Foam Islands
Latias - either caught from begining or in the cave east of Sea Foam Islands
Celebi - Ilex Forest (Must have GS ball)
Jirachi - Dark Cave
Kyogre - Undersea Express
Groudon - Underground Cavern
Rayquaza - Underground Cavern
Regirock - Cinnabar Island
Registeel - Cinnabar Island
Regice - Cinnabar Island
Suicune - don't remember
Lugia x2 - Whirl Wind Caves (Another one there after you get Silver Wing)
Entei - Wild
Raikou - Wild
Ho-oh - Tin Tower
Articuno - Ice Cave - South-east of Mohagony (surf)
Mewtwo - Advancemap because I got bored
Note: There's an error with Mew. The game thinks Mew is Mewtwo. If you put Mew into AdvanceMap, the game shows Mewtwo in the wild rather than Mew.

Last update on March 30, 3:37 am by r4power.

ho-oh, articuno, entei, raikou

Last update on March 29, 9:23 am by mees.

umm.. can you tell me where to get them?? What method to do??

which ones in particular?

like mew, mewtwo, and the three regis???
and where to get the other flutes to catch the legendary birds??

Oh and what is this DNA sample I got on cerulean cave??
and what is the walking pattern in Lost Woods?

Last update on March 30, 4:35 am by stevenale.

Mew and Mewtwo aren't obtainable in normal gameplay. I was completing my Pokedex and I needed those two to complete it. Unfortunately, even with AdvanceMap, getting Mew is impossible as of 3.3. The three regis you get when you beat the elite 4. Basically, you'll return to the cave on Cinnabar Island that you found right next to where Blue was standing.

The 3 flutes: Red is given to you by Axel through storyline game play. The second flute can be found using surf behind the Violet City gym. The third flute can be found in Hollow Cave.

DNA sample doesn't have any use right now and neither do any fossils as the fossil machine in Goldenrod isn't functional yet.

Not quite sure what you mean by the walking pattern in Lost Woods. Are you refering to the hidden lake with Suicune behind it?

Suicune - Bottom of Tin Tower in mainstory. If you defeat it instead of catching it, appears in Lost Woods after solving the puzzle.

The unavailable legendaries are Deoxys, Mew and Mewtwo as stated above.

Couldn't find: Groudon & the three Regis as stated. and the Pedestals weren't at Outskirt Island either.
UPDATE: Groudon & the three Regis ARE IN DRAGON'S DEN.
P.S: I've already got the RBY flutes, but the pedestals aren't there for me to insert.
UPDATE #2: Needa complete ALL the Ruins of Alph puzzles -_-

Last update on July 21, 6:51 am by Jubic.
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Even Rayquaza is in Dragon's Den. But hiding in Saturn's hideout (Find the two rocks that can be smashed)

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