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Hello everyone, I would like to introduce a new, quick and simple way to report a bug directly to me. Currently people have been posting bugs onto the main wall as well as in this discussions section. I'm now keeping an up to date log of all bugs in a todo list application, where you can publicly see the list and priority of the bugs. This is now the preferred method of submission, using the Submit a Bug option from the sidebar on the left of the project page on RHO Social or the Official Liquid Crystal site.

How to submit
This will ask you to enter a bug description and priority for the bug. Since I use this same Todo list to manage my personal and university life I will be notified via email as well as the todo list of new reports. This method of submission will be the fastest method to have bugs fixed.

All of the currently logged bugs on the system are available from a link on the submit page, Current Bugs & Todo List, attached to this post.

What about the bugs in here and the wall
When I get some free time I'll go through and do a periodic check of all the bugs reported around here since the last time I did that, adding them to the list ready to be fixed. This happens every couple of months, so not very often if you want you bug fixed asap.

Using the IRC to submit bugs
if you're on any of the RHO IRC channels and happen to come across a bug, you can use the .lcbug command to submit a bug to the same system right from the chat line. For example, type ".lcbug The game crashes when talking to your rival" and the bug will be logged with the highest priority.


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