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pokemon_getattr / decryptpoke notes
Firstly, read the relevant section from here: d-asm-rom-offsets/ 0x00 - Pokémon ID 0x01 - Trainer IDs 0x02 - Nickname Max Length 10 (r6 shou...
Wild Pokémon Listings for "Emerald 650"
For my upcoming Pokémon Emerald patch, codenaming it Emerald 650, I made the list of where to find the Pokémon, since every single one will be made available. If anyone has any input about it, please ...
Ksiazek Bartlomiej
touched is my h
potato juice potato juice potato juice potato juice potato juice But most of all, Touched is my hero touched is my h touched is my h touched is my h touched is my h touched is my h touched is my h tou...
Dylan Averill
pokemon coal black
you travel through a new region in near the heosik region...
Lost Heart
IPS Patch Format
IPS Patching Format What is it? For those that are not aware, an IPS (International Patching System) is a patching file format. A patch file is used to list the differences between two files, which a...
FireRed German (maybe for English as well) RAM Offsets
I found some interesting RAM-Offsets you might need as well. I will update this everytime i reserached something relevant. 1. Pokemons Picture Buffer In Battles all Pokemon Sprites are not loaded dir...
White 2 RAM Save Block Structure
0220528C is the list of blocks in the save.(74 total) typedef struct{ u32 blkNum; //block count in hex(0-49) u32 blkSize; //size of block in the save u32 blkOffset; //offset into...
Overlay Table Data
Very useful for adding overlays to the game: (from some code i wrote) typedef struct { u32 ovlID u32 size void* ovlStart u32 szUncomp u32 bssSize void* funcTblStart void* funcTblEnd u32 o...
Tags: overlays, ds, arm9, coding, C, C++
NDS ROM Header
Here is the format of a typical NDS ROM. Offset - Length - Description 0x0 - 0xC - ROM Title 0xC - 0x4 - ROM Code 0x10 - 0x2 - Maker Code 0x12 - 0x1 - Device Code 0x13 - 0x1 - Encryption Seed 0x14 - ...
Fire Red Commonly Used ASM ROM Offsets
Pokémon Decrypter (Takes Pokémon's Address in R0 and R1 as an Index; Returns decrypted values to R0): 0x3FBE8 Pokémon Encrypter (Takes Pokémon's Address in R0 and R1 as an Index and the RAM Offset whe...