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FireRed German (maybe for English as well) RAM Offsets
I found some interesting RAM-Offsets you might need as well. I will update this everytime i reserached something relevant. 1. Pokemons Picture Buffer In Battles all Pokemon Sprites are not loaded dir...
White 2 RAM Save Block Structure
0220528C is the list of blocks in the save.(74 total) typedef struct{ u32 blkNum; //block count in hex(0-49) u32 blkSize; //size of block in the save u32 blkOffset; //offset into...
Overlay Table Data
Very useful for adding overlays to the game: (from some code i wrote) typedef struct { u32 ovlID u32 size void* ovlStart u32 szUncomp u32 bssSize void* funcTblStart void* funcTblEnd u32 o...
Tags: overlays, ds, arm9, coding, C, C++
NDS ROM Header
Here is the format of a typical NDS ROM. Offset - Length - Description 0x0 - 0xC - ROM Title 0xC - 0x4 - ROM Code 0x10 - 0x2 - Maker Code 0x12 - 0x1 - Device Code 0x13 - 0x1 - Encryption Seed 0x14 - ...
Fire Red Commonly Used ASM ROM Offsets
Pokémon Decrypter (Takes Pokémon's Address in R0 and R1 as an Index; Returns decrypted values to R0): 0x3FBE8 Pokémon Encrypter (Takes Pokémon's Address in R0 and R1 as an Index and the RAM Offset whe...