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Game: Pokémon FireRed V1.0

Fire Red Commonly Used ASM ROM Offsets
Pokémon Decrypter (Takes Pokémon's Address in R0 and R1 as an Index; Returns decrypted values to R0): 0x3FBE8 Pokémon Encrypter (Takes Pokémon's Address in R0 and R1 as an Index and the RAM Offset whe...
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Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen Game Start Palette Offsets
Format: FireRed Offset/LeafGreen Offset Gamefreak Intro Palettes Bootscreen 0x402260/0x40209C Symbol 0x40270C/??? Background 0x402630/??? Stars 0x402ABD/??? Title Pokemon 0xEAD5E8/0xEAD768 Press...
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Pokémon FireRed V1.0 Notes
Fame Checker Research This research was conducted by Linkandzelda Activating People list of setvars that activate each person's info ====Oak==== setvar 0x8004 0x0 setvar 0x8005 0x0 special 0x173 setva...
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Pokémon GBA Hex TBL
English Table 00= 15=ß 1B=é A1=0 A2=1 A3=2 A4=3 A5=4 A6=5 A7=6 A8=7 A9=8 AA=9 AB=! AE=- AF=... B0=.. B1=« B2=» B3=< B4=' B5=|m| B6=|w| B7=$ B8=, B9=* BA=/ BB=A BC=B BD=C BE=D BF=E C0=F C1=G C2=H C3=...
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Pokémon: FireRed V1.0 I/O RAM Offsets
Button Inputs When a button is held down, the hex value changes at the below offset. The ROM allows up to 3 buttons to be pressed giving a large amount of different combinations. However, some buttons...