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Lost Heart
IPS Patch Format
IPS Patching Format What is it? For those that are not aware, an IPS (International Patching System) is a patching file format. A patch file is used to list the differences between two files, which a...
NDS ROM Header
Here is the format of a typical NDS ROM. Offset - Length - Description 0x0 - 0xC - ROM Title 0xC - 0x4 - ROM Code 0x10 - 0x2 - Maker Code 0x12 - 0x1 - Device Code 0x13 - 0x1 - Encryption Seed 0x14 - ...
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Pokémon Emerald Notes
Scripting Flags 0x130 - Set Match Call + Devon Pres. Number 0x860 - Set Party Menu 0x861 - Set Pokédex Menu 0x862 - Set Navigator Menu 0x867 - Badge 1 0x868 - Badge 2 0x869 - Badge 3 0x86A - Badge 4 ...
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Pokémon FireRed V1.0 Notes
Fame Checker Research This research was conducted by Linkandzelda Activating People list of setvars that activate each person's info ====Oak==== setvar 0x8004 0x0 setvar 0x8005 0x0 special 0x173 setva...