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Data: ROM Offsets

NDS ROM Header
Here is the format of a typical NDS ROM. Offset - Length - Description 0x0 - 0xC - ROM Title 0xC - 0x4 - ROM Code 0x10 - 0x2 - Maker Code 0x12 - 0x1 - Device Code 0x13 - 0x1 - Encryption Seed 0x14 - ...
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Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen Game Start Palette Offsets
Format: FireRed Offset/LeafGreen Offset Gamefreak Intro Palettes Bootscreen 0x402260/0x40209C Symbol 0x40270C/??? Background 0x402630/??? Stars 0x402ABD/??? Title Pokemon 0xEAD5E8/0xEAD768 Press...
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Pokémon Emerald ROM Offsets
Item Data Data: 0x5839A0Item Images: 0x614410 Attack Names 0x31977C Move Tutors Attacks 0x61500C TM Data 0x616040 Overworld Sprite Data Data: 0x509954Palettes: 0x50BBC8 Pokémon Data Names: 0x3185C8 Da...
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Pokémon: FireRed V1.0 Built-in ASM Routines
The ROM has a load of built in ASM routines which, help ASM hackers by doing a lot of work for us. Variable Decrypter The Variable Decrypter routine is located at 0x6E454. The variable needs to be loa...
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Pokémon: FireRed V1.0 Player & Rival Name Data
"Research conducted by Mel" At 0x001C574F is the "New Name" text for your rival and suggested rival names in addition to the names which are selected for the player when they hit "Start" on the name e...