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Data: ROM Offsets

Ksiazek Bartlomiej
touched is my h
potato juice potato juice potato juice potato juice potato juice But most of all, Touched is my hero touched is my h touched is my h touched is my h touched is my h touched is my h touched is my h tou...
NDS ROM Header
Here is the format of a typical NDS ROM. Offset - Length - Description 0x0 - 0xC - ROM Title 0xC - 0x4 - ROM Code 0x10 - 0x2 - Maker Code 0x12 - 0x1 - Device Code 0x13 - 0x1 - Encryption Seed 0x14 - ...
Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen Game Start Palette Offsets
Format: FireRed Offset/LeafGreen Offset Gamefreak Intro Palettes Bootscreen 0x402260/0x40209C Symbol 0x40270C/??? Background 0x402630/??? Stars 0x402ABD/??? Title Pokemon 0xEAD5E8/0xEAD768 Press...
Pokémon Emerald ROM Offsets
Item Data Data: 0x5839A0Item Images: 0x614410 Attack Names 0x31977C Move Tutors Attacks 0x61500C TM Data 0x616040 Overworld Sprite Data Data: 0x509954Palettes: 0x50BBC8 Pokémon Data Names: 0x3185C8 Da...
Pokémon: FireRed V1.0 Built-in ASM Routines
The ROM has a load of built in ASM routines which, help ASM hackers by doing a lot of work for us. Variable Decrypter The Variable Decrypter routine is located at 0x6E454. The variable needs to be loa...