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Pokémon Emerald ROM Offsets

Item Data

Data: 0x5839A0
Item Images: 0x614410

Attack Names


Move Tutors Attacks


TM Data


Overworld Sprite Data

Data: 0x509954
Palettes: 0x50BBC8

Pokémon Data

Names: 0x3185C8

Data: 0x3203E8
Back Sprites: 0x3028B8
Front Sprites: 0x301418
Animation Sprites: 0x30A18C
Standard Palettes: 0x303678
Shiny Palettes: 0x304438
Icon Pointers: 0x57BCA8
Icon Palettes: 0x57C388
Crys Table: 0x69DCF4
Footprints Table: 0x56E694
Attacks Table: 0x32937C
Evolutions Table: 0x32531C
TM/HM Compatibility: 0x252BC8
Ability Names: 0x31E898
Player Sprite Y Positions: 0x3021D8
Enemy Sprite Y Positions: 0x300D38
Enemy Sprite Altitude: 0x305DCC

Pokédex Data

Data: 0x56B5B0

Standard Dex

Table Data: 0x31D94C

National Dex

Table Data: 0x31DC82


Pointer to Bank Pointers: 0x84AA4
Map Names: 0x5A1480

Direct Track enhancement

Going to offset 0x02E0104, a person can increase the number of direct tracks that can be played at once. The default value is 00 C5, the most the ROM can support is 11/12 which is 00 CC, however, setting the value to 00 00 will revert it back to 5 which is the default.

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