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Pokémon: FireRed V1.0 EWRAM Offsets

Temp Variables

0x8000: 0x020370B8
0x8001: 0x020370BA
0x8002: 0x020370BC
0x8003: 0x020370BE
0x8004: 0x020370C0
0x8005: 0x020370C2
0x8006: 0x020370C4
0x8007: 0x020370C6
0x800D: 0x020370d2

Pokémon Parties

Pokémon party: 0x02024284
Opposition Pokémon party: 0x0202402C
Party Status: 0x020242D4
Party HP: 0x020242DA
Amount of Pokémon in Party: 0x02024029

Overworld Data

0x02036E38 - Sprite Bank (16 Sprites including the player)
0x0202063C - Pre-OAM Buffer

Safari Zone Data

0x02039994 - Remaining Safari Balls
0x02039996 - Remaining Steps