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Welcome to, the future of ROM Hacking. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for signing up and using We are consistently trying our hardest to keep the website clean, tidy, legal and safe so that all users can browse and have a good time. In order to do that, we are enforcing the following rules while on the site.

Keeping the site legal
Being legal is one of our stricktly enforced rules while using the site. You must not upload or link to any illegal materials. This includes, but not limited to, ROMs & ISOs. The primary method of distribution is .IPS, .UPS, .APS or any other patching system you feel like using. This also goes for copyrighted materials such as commercial MP3's, Music Videos etc. Submission and linking to any of these materials, both clean and modified, will reward you with a deep infraction.

Keeping the site tidy
While we are a Social Network, it might be hard to keep the right content in the right areas on the site. What does this mean? Well, if you have a ROM Hacking question, then post it in the Questions area. If you need help with using the site don't bug another user, simply submit a Support Ticket and you will get the assitance you need. We encourage that you do this with all site areas for the benefit of yourself and all other users.

Keeping the site clean
We like to keep the site comfortable to browse for all ages 13+. This means we do not encourage bad language, inappropriote material or anything that can be seen as offence to someone of a younger audience. Note: This does not apply to ROM Hacks that you post here, as long as they are correctly marked with [M] for mature content.

Keeping the site presentable
We like to give users as much freedom on the site as they like, but at the same time we ask that you keep things presentable and looking nice. An example of this is to make full use of HTML and BBCode to format your Tutorials, and not to fill up the site with spam messages and useless content. If we discover any unnecessary content in any of the site sections other than your own personal Activity Feed, it will get removed and you will receive a warning.

Keeping the site safe
Social Networks are amazing places to go to communicate with others, but they can also be unsafe when contacting the wrong people. We strictly require that you do not bash, troll, abuse or flame other members on the site. If you feel you are being treated badly by another member then use the Block User feature, available in Premium membership. In addition make sure to report the user to a member of staff.

This is the general community rules of the site that we ask you to follow at all times, in all areas of the site. Failure to do so will consist in a warning, followed by an infraction, followed by a ban.

Regards, Team