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Pokémon Citrite

Game Boy Advance Hack
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Development Stage: Alpha

Welcome to the official page for Pokémon Citrite Version! This ROM hack is a completely custom game built on Pokémon Emerald Version. It follows the Alexandrian Canon designed by the game’s creator, Alexander Nicholi.


The Tohjo region, located north of Johto and northwest of Kanto, is a decentralized polisarchical confederacy in the Pokémon world. Three cities comprise the confederacy: first, Port Crimson, located on the cusp of Crimson Bay; second, Port Azure, located on the coastal brow of the Northern Prairie; and third, the Malachite Metropolis, nestled in the belly of the region, buffered by two large forests and some steppes. A fourth, informal city called the Trading Camp exists in the heart of the Grand Prairie, though it is often overlooked in light of the three gemstone metropoles.

Due to the region’s decentralization, a lot of instability can be found throughout. Like the governing trio, another group of developments host militarized factions in strongholds; the three go by the names of Osiris, Musa, and Drachma. A third and final trio of minor cities - Timothy, Baxtorian, and Xavier - exists as places of junction/resupply. These three trios together form a triad of the developed parts of Tohjo.

Other minor points of interest include the villages of Amalthea and Qadesh, Lookout Point in northernmost Tohjo, Empire’s End west of Xavier, and the Nome Ruins in the southernmost part of Tohjo.

Besides the factions, there are other groups of interest present in Tohjo. The first and foremost is a conglomerate called the MEGA Corporation, which facilitates monopolistic capitalism in Tohjo through its suppliers outside the region. There is also a provisional Pokémon League based in Port Azure, with gyms located in Timothy, Baxtorian, Xavier, and the Trading Camp. While the League revolves around Pokémon, an often unnecessary amount of focus is put on the media and their own politics as well, particularly with the League Champion. The third is a foreign group called the Greater Kanto International Police, which is the aforementioned region’s long arm of the law. While supposedly a legitimized organization, they possess a warped concept of justice and are credited with a lot of vigilante wrongdoings.

Location of Tohjo


This is Citrite’s official development cycle. The alpha will be invite only.

Planning: This is where the magic takes place. The characters, their arcs, and all of the important events come to life in genesis of the game’s canon. The game is also geographically planned out as well, but nothing is yet set in stone.

Private Alpha: During this stage, all of the game’s features will be developed and inserted. Everything from expanded Pokémon to custom map tiles will be set up. However, a lot of material will be tentative, not final, and will likely change and develop as the alpha goes on. Maps and events will not be fully built until the game is in beta. Furthermore, only those on the invite list will be allowed and trusted to participate in the alpha.

Public Beta: When the game hits beta, everyone will be able to play and see Pokémon Citrite for themselves. It won’t be complete; however, it will have a sizable list of features in place, such as a custom introduction and a complex titlescreen. As the beta continues, maps will be added and events and people will be scripted.

[Possible] Public Gamma: This development stage may or may not take place. If it does, it will bring all sorts of edits and additions for post-game content for players to enjoy, and will facilitate all remaining bugfixes until the hack is stable for a final release.


All you have to do is sign up for the alpha in order to gain access. It’s 100% gratis, and the only information you have to provide is a Persistent Point of Contact (PPoC), such as an e-mail address or forum account (excluding PokéCommunity).

If you’re signed up and have the password, download it from here:

Download Alpha 1.0.0

If you haven’t signed up, you are more than welcome to contact me either via e-mail or via IRC. I will then add you to the list and provide you with the password.