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Status Update: #7198

February 26, 2016
February 26, 2016 3:13 pm
Sun and Moon confirmed.
you can trade gen 1 pokemon to gen 6 via pokebank
Only Sun/Moon? That makes me think that Sun/Moon are Gen 7, not Gen 6.5
How are they even going to handle that? Are they going to freshly roll a personality value and fill in the blanks from there? Or perhaps the old game's VC ROM's have already had Pokemon data shuffled so that no rerolls are necessary? Can you deposit your RBY VC Pokemon back into RBY VC from Bank? Ga...
Chaos Rush
They'll simply create a new Pokemon in the new data format while pulling data from the VC save file when applicable. Really that's how every transfer system works, they just pull the old data onto the new format and then delete the pokemon on the game you're transfering from.
They said they wanted to make things simpler for the next Generation. Next Pokemon Direct: "We're removing the Special Attack/Special Defense split! Special stat returns! IVs go to 15! Stat Exp returns! No abilities! Magnemite and Magneton are pure Electric-type! No gender!"