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Status Update: #8170

I feel like we should retire the IRC and just add a discord for this place
  and  like this.
Izumi Sagiri
We totally should, why don't you make one and we'll all join
I am not worthy
lol jk i did
lol there is one but it's "not much better" activity-wise (quote kleenexfeu) and bela (? i think ?) posted it like 50 years ago
Izumi Sagiri
The best Discord is the latest incarnation of the PHO staff chat (Aka ClariS <3 3.0). Buuut that's invite only and we are pretty picky about who we invite. Social elitism and all that
Do you people have the best memes though? That's the most important part of an irc, you know, cause fuck meaningful comments, memes are funnier.
Izumi Sagiri
We do have pretty dank ass memes ngl
PHO is still alive?
Memes are like puns: they're supposed to be awful.
Bela this is the discord we've been using for months now. Just about everyone who frequented the irc is here now. Come join us all!