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Star Wars was amazing. Go watch it if you can!
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Yes, its awesome!
Interesting! I wasn't actually a huge fan, I thought the movie had tons of great moments, but was overall let down by some really odd plot and script decisions. Without any spoilers, all I can say is that the tone of the movie veered between serious and comical and it was a bit jarring.
Would need to see it again to make a more informed judgement, but I really loved it. Felt like it was the best Star Wars film since 1980's Empire after the first viewing.
And now, having seen it again, I stick by what I said. Love it, genuinely the best Star Wars film since Empire in my opinion.

Lots of little details I spotted in my second viewing that I missed on the first like the use of Imperial AT-ATs at the end of the film.

And the little hints and clues that all...