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I personally never liked Gen 5, even my oldest posts on forums can be found only being hyped for gen 5, only to be disappointed upon its release.

Nothing wrong with sequels, GSC is a sequel to RBY, but DNA Splicer was pretty ick, which seems to be what they are doing with US/M, albeit it could be Sol...
Chaos Rush
When XY first came out I was hella hyped. Then after I beat the E4 I noticed there was far less to do than B2W2 - the newest Pokémon game before XY that came out only a year before. But Game Freak didn't lose my trust yet because it was only the first game of the generation. I was very hyped for ORA...
I know this conversation is basically over, but I just wanted to add that I do understand your criticisms of the past several Pokemon games, and it does give me concern for the upcoming one. But I would rather be optimistic about what we'll be getting than just jump straight to assuming that it'll b...
I just saw this and do not have the time right now to reply to each of the points you've directed to me. Give me a few days and I'll get back to this!
Sure thing~