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Otto's Foxhole

Otto's Foxhole

Lives in The Digital World · Born on November 27
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November 27
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November 19, 2019
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September 11, 2012
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Been so long I can't remember
About Me

Started hacking in late 2007-8, something like that. playing around with AMAP was impressive to me at the time, and then i discovered music hacking. For a while only a few of us really helped bleed knowlege into the scene, I contributing towards looking and teaching others how to balance volumes, panpoints, and various other midi level knowlge and skills. sadly i was forced to leave the scene, and after a nasty head injury, have found many simple things i used to do very difficult to relearn. After getting frustrated at my inability to comprehend certain things, a junk pc, and limited time, i pretty much dabbled around recently learning things at my own pace. After a while, I decided to pursue a hack. sadly i hit a wall, and then decided to set my sights higher. I am now in the process of learning C++ and unity 3d in order to bring you Water Blue version in epic glory on a professional level.


Pizza, Tacos, Burritos, Computers, Gaming, Pokemon, Girls


Pokemon game music, be it official OST remixes
Various other songs that i may listen to occasionally.
Linkin park, Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback to nae a few of my regular artists.

Games I Enjoy Hacking

err... wouldnt say i enjoy hacking a specific game, so much as i would say i enjoy the knowlege and power rush i get in making a game that can function on a real device and being like: "yea, I made that happen".

Other Usernames


Favourite Games

All pokemon games, Various Zelda titles, Star Wars The force unleashed and battlefront series, call of duty, and finally my overall favorite: Need for speed The Run

Hacking Skills
Mapper, Scripting, Graphics Creation/Insertion, Music Composition/Remixing