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Chaos Rush

Born on February 27
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Chaos Rush
And Roserade
  and  like this.
This should be like a regular thing for all the Pokémon, because that looks very awesome!
Kazuno Leah
What, having a GBA sprite or having a shiny sprite? Cos y'know...
Chaos Rush
GBA-ish Budew
Chaos Rush
GBA-ish Chingling
Chaos Rush
Gave Lavaridge Town it's own palette similar to what ORAS did
Flannery told me she doesn't remember saying you could remodel her home while she was in Kanto doing Red++ stuff.
Chaos Rush
So a few weeks ago I said my hack would be called "Pokémon Ruby (& Sapphire): CR Edition" but tbh I kinda want to either call this "Ruby++" or "Polished Ruby" lolololol
Chaos Rush
So it turns out Normal Deoxys has different sprites in every Gen 3 game, even though Normal Deoxys is only in Ruby/Sapphire
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The Emerald one looks better but the shading of the hand is off putting.
Deoxys is like "high five man come on" lmao
Chaos Rush
GBA-style Regigigas
Chaos Rush
Nope, just Gens 1 & 3, and a few from Gens 2 & 4.
I'm guessing, Eevee evolutions, older Pokémon that got an evolution in gen 4 and gen 4 baby Pokémon for Pokémon from older gens?
Chaos Rush
Yeah pretty much. Basically I'm doing a Ruby and FireRed small improvement hack, so I'm only doing sprites for Pokémon in the Hoenn and Kanto dexes plus any Pokémon from Gen 2 and 4 that are related to Hoenn or Kanto Pokémon. Even though Regigigas wasn't in the ORAS Hoenn dex, I'm adding Regigigas t...
I can see why you're adding Regigigas though as he's suppose to be the king of Regirock, Regice and Registeel. I do look forward to your small scale hack. I'm guessing you'll be doing GBA styled gen 4 sprites as well?
Chaos Rush
I just said I'm doing a few from Gen 4 lol
I meant to put 'GBA styled gen 4 trainer sprites'
Chaos Rush
Ohh I see, nah I'm just using the default Ruby and FR Trainer sprites cause there's nothing wrong with them
Chaos Rush
More GBA-style sprites. These are all going to be used in my upcoming Ruby and FireRed sideshow hacks.
Wow, I never noticed how off Metang's sprite was from its official art.

Have you put any thought into what might be the earliest sprites in RS? With how different Metang is from its final design, I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of them.

I suppose Duskull, Volbeat, Wynaut, and Wailmer, could be v...
Chaos Rush
Well in the earliest RS screenshots, I've noticed that the sprites never use any black pixels and use all-color outlines: While the examples shown in this screenshot (Pelipper and Sharpedo) have different sprites in the final, some FINAL RS backs...
Holy shit those look awful haha! Literally like they were done for Quartz
I unironicly like these, but the black outlines do look much better.
make a gba style giratina sprite and I love you forever
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